Crispy and fluffy focaccia with rosemary

The Focaccia is the essential element of any lovers of Italian cuisine.


Ingredients - for 6 persons

- 350gr ofplain flour

- 25cl oflukewarm water

- 15gr of fresh yeast

- 1 C. to s. of sugar

- 8gr of salt and 4 pinch of salt flower

- 1 branch of rosemary and 4 strands of thyme

- Olive oil in a non-negligible quantity

 - Olives to serve

Italian focaccia crispy mellow to rosemary


Step 1

Pour the warm water into the robot tank with hook. Add crumbled yeast and sugar.

Add 2 tbsp. to s. olive oil (about 15 g), flour and salt. Then turn the liner 7 to 8 minutes at average speed.

Cover the tank and let rise 1 h 30 in a warm place protected from drafts. And fold the dough with a spatula after half an hour and then half an hour after.

2nd step

Generously hose a high edge cooktop, soak your hands in the oil, then spread as you can this soft paste and sticky arch.

Brush it generously from oil. It will try to retract and will be reactive to any manipulation, but it will relax after 1 extra hour of rest.

Step 3

Preheat the oven to 230 ° C rotating heat. Press your oiled fingers into the dough to print small craters.

Sprinkle with oil and sprinkle with chiseled rosemary, ruffle thyme and fleur de sel.

Step 4

Prepare a small bowl of water, open the oven and slide the plate with the Focaccia. Then throw the water on the oven's sole and closing immediately so that the vapor produced remains trapped in the oven.

Cook for 15 minutes then serve, watered again with oil again, and cut squares, with olives in a mixture.

Buon Appetito!


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