Make her limoncello "in casa"

If you are told Italian liquor, you necessarily think of the famous limoncello, a must-see of the transalpine culture!

As you will not be able to bring more than 4 bottles on your next trip to Italy, you are given the recipe to do it "In Casa".


Ingredients - for 4 people

- 1.5kg of Amalfi lemons

- 1 L ofcooking alcohol at 96 °

- 1kg of sugar

- 1.5 l water



Start by peeling amalfi's beautiful lemons in large slats. As soon as they are peeled, throw the barrels in the kitchen alcohol.

Then let a few hours infuse, so that alcohol takes the taste of lemons and their color.

In another container, mix the water and sugar. Then pour the alcohol infused, without the bark, into the container containing the water and sugar mixture. E Basta!

It only remains to taste (with moderation)!


The key ingredient of a successed limoncello: Amalfi lemons

Our Tips:

- Take onlyAmalfi lemons: they have the particularity of beingbigger and more fragrantthat the lemons found in the businesses.

- Tasting boardThis liquor can be served as an aperitif, but it is usually used in digestive, gently served.

Good tasting !

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