The Top 3 Italian Restaurants of Big Mamma

Ciao Raggazzi,

You probably know the emblematic Italian restaurants of the group Big mamma ! With their eight restaurants in Paris, two in London, one in Lille and a smallLast in Lyon, the Italian trattorias of Big Mamma occupy an essential place on the Italian Food Stage.

As you probably not be able to test the group's eight restaurants in the group, we wanted to give you our 3 favorites - this is not a ranking.


  • Pink mamma - the most perched

In the heart of Pigalle, everything in vertical, Pink Mamma is full of good surprises. From the speakeasy to the basement until 4th, each floor is an atmosphere to discover. The staircase of the last floor, under the canopy, is the essential spot of any good instagrament that respects.

Pink Mamma - 20bis Rue de Douai, 75009 Paris


  • Biglove Caffé The must-have for the "Sunday Brunch"

Smaller than other Big Mamma restaurants in Paris, Biglove Caffé is more intimate but just as cute as his big sisters. Despite the wait (no obligate booking), it is an ideal place to take your mom or friends bruncher.

Biglove Caffé -30 RUE DEBELLEYME, 75003 PARIS


  • Libertino - the most crisp

Incrazy and retro atmosphere of 70's, bright colors and where theKitsch reigns, ONIt tastes the crisp Roman pizzas, among other dishes to share on big tables. Do not leave there without seeing the "Ball-Disco-Turning Bar" of the basement.

Libertino -44 rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris


And of course, if you go to London, do not hesitate to test Circolo PopolareWhere Gloria (or both to not jealous). In Lille, do not impasse The Bellezza. Not to mention the little one: Carmelo In Lyon and its room filled with Italian ceramic plates.


We can not wait to find out what Big Mamma offers us for his next restaurant!

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